CRM, Campaign, Contact and Notes

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management will record all interactions with the outside world and allow you to move seamlessly from the first identification of a suspect to the billing of a customer for a sale, the first engagement with a supplier to their delivery performance, an application from a contractor through to their engagement in a project are just examples of the CRM flow.

As part of the EzyAdmin suite, CRM integrates seamlessly with the other functions allowing you a single view of the relationship. All the interactions between you are stored in one place and can be shared. You can move a contact through the sales cycle to a customer with a project, initiating quotes, proposals and invoices, making purchases of inventory and shipment when a sale is made, recording partnership and supplier relationships whilst managing the financial transactions.

EzyAdmin dashboard

The dashboard allows you to define your Key Performance Indicators to the system and see the up to date position at a glance. The EzyAdmin's shown on the CRM dashboard and the data used to measure them can come from any part of the EzyAdmin system.

EzyAdmin crm software dashboard

Flow diagram

The flow diagram summarises the facilities that are part of this product and the logical flow of process and information; starting with the marketing campaign facility and feeding through, ultimately, to revenue recognition.

EzyAdmin crm tool

Summary of integration with the rest of the EzyAdmin solution

Project Management

With a centralised customer record, all project related activity is available to the CRM process so that it can inform any running or planned sales campaigns

Accounting and Finance

All payment activity to and from a customer or supplier including credit reference information is maintained in the customer record and can be used in CRM related activity.


The eCommerce site uses the same customer record as CRM allowing a full picture of the commercial relationship to be seen.


Although its primary purpose is to contain information about employees, the skill sets, availability schedule and cost of 3rd parties can be included in HRMS where they can be accessed by CRM and can be used as a resource to deliver on customer activities such as on a sales campaign.

EzyAdmin customer relationship management flowchart